How to Kill it at Consigning in 5 Easy Steps

How to Kill it at Consigning in 5 Easy Steps

Let's face it. You aren't going to quit your 9-5'er, tell your boss to screw, and live off your dream of becoming a 24-7, 365 consignor any time soon. BUT - consignment is a faaaaaaantastic way to clean out your closet, edit your wardrobe, and get hooked up with some extra loot on the side. 

Being in the consignment business since I was an awkward, pimply, pre-teen scoring the latest Abercrombie duds at a steal (I'll save you the specifics) and now scouring through consignment drop-offs every day, I do think I know a thing or two on how to become our latest consignment success story (as I put down the pen of writing a consignment check for $874). Let's just say, there's a reason we say "GET THE F OUT" when a consignor strolls in with a trash bag full of clothes - A TRASH BAG - I just can't.

First off, at Chic Boutique Consignments (get used to the shameless plugs sprawled about this entire article #girlboss) we provide an elite and convenient service to each and every one of our ever-growing list of consignors. We were put on this planet to make them money, enjoy the convenience of consignment, and hey, save a tree or two while we're at it! It certainly doesn't hurt to offer our chic customers a one-of-a-kind and often called "dangerous" way to shop the latest brand-name and unique boutique duds at a hell-of-a-steal.

 Anyways - where was I... oh yes - here's the truth-be-told on how not to become "THAT" consignor.

 Step 1. CHECK OUT OUR CONSIGNMENT PAGE conveniently located on our website. This is the holy-grail of all things consigning with us. We keep this page stocked with our "no thank-you" brands, downloadable consignment contract, as well as a whole list of tips n' tricks. We also let you know what season we are taking in as THIS IS IMPORTANT. Please save yourself the time and don't bring in your J. Crew wool sweater to us on a 80 degree day in May. You and I both know NOONE is shopping for wool in May. 


Step 2. FOLLOW all current season, how- to guidelines, and avoid bringing us any brand from our "no thank-you" list. Fact is, we write these things for a reason. People often ask "do you only take designer" or my  ultimate favorite "what brands do you take?" Easy answer - no we do not ONLY take designer. We take a variety of brands and styles. We focus on the more higher-end brands, but we're all girl's girls and LOVE ourselves a cute top from Forever 21 or romper from a Cali boutique brand from Marshalls. We'd totally be doing you a total disservice if we didn't take a peek at these cuties!



When it comes to mall and big-box brands, that's where it gets iffy. With all the sales, coupons, and redundancy of these pieces, noone really cares to buy second-hand - they can easily head to the outlets and pay $10 for a LOFT tee. So it just isn't worth it for us to flood our limited space on our racks with these pieces that just don't... how do I say it... EXCITE our chic customers - ya know what I'm sayin'?! And who doesn't love a little excitement when shopping?


Step 3. READ THE CONTRACT before signing. We get it, you've got places to be, Starbucks to drink - yada yada yada. BUT - NOTHING confuses us more than when people sign their consignments/life away without first reading our agreement. OR my personal favorite - signs it... asks "soooo how does this work?" Look, we aren't trying to be brats here - but every consignment company does things a little bit differently. Our policies were built on what we believe is ethical and fair to not only our consignors, but us as well. First instance, did you know that MOST consignment stores don't allow you to pick up your unsold items if they don't sell if they are under a certain dollar value? Well - we do! But - it has to be within 5 days of your items expiring. Not before, not after, and certainly not the following year. "Well I didn't know that" or "well it's still on the floor so why can't I just grab it?" Well, a rule is a rule. We bend the rules for one person, it's only fair to bend them for everyone... and then what's the point of even having a contract? Jeesh! Woa, sorry for the rant - guess I had some bottled up emotions....




Step 4. CHECK YO' STUFF! That's right - we REALLY don't want to donate out items as much as you do - and when we have to, everyone loses out! SO, double-check all your clothing to ensure they are in perfect (or as near perfect as humanly possible) as can be. They should be freshly laundered and free of any missing buttons, deodorant marks, underarm stains, rips, tears, or stains - these are all culprits we see on the daily leading us to donate out some beautiful pieces - so give them a good once over - twice!


Step 5. TRUST THE EXPERTS! At Chic Boutique Consignments, we work SO hard to be sure to only accept brands and styles that actually SELL to our clientele, as each consignment store differs immensely. With that said, we are also experts when it comes to pricing your items. Trust me, it's in our best interest to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to selling, but also make sure the items MOVE - our boutiques aren't museums, and we all want to make a little money - eh? 


Ready to consign? Let's do it! Find aaaall the deets here - and let's get you rolling! Not from the area? No problem! Contact us and let us know what you're sending in - you may even qualify for free shipping! Wouldn't that be nice?