Top 3 Prom Styles for 2019

Top 3 Prom Styles for 2019

 Okay in case you live under a rock or haven’t looked outside your window in the past 24 hours, it’s really freaking cold. Like Antarctica cold. I’m bundled up in about four blankets right now, sippin’ my hot cocoa, and obvi writing this blog post! My sisters both have today off, and I’m sure every other school in New England does too, but I was just remembering how I would spend my snow days in high school.


Online prom shopping.


I would spend countless hours looking at dresses that I couldn’t even afford to look at and pinning hair and makeup ideas to my boards on Pinterest. Could you really blame me though? Prom is definitely hyped up in all the movies and TV shows and everything, but when it comes down to it, it truly was the one night everyone looked gorgeous and I felt like a flippin’ princess. So yes, I was a tad bit excited.

But enough reminiscing on high-school Tiffanee, let’s talk about Prom season now! I’d like to say I’m still “hip with the times” (someone please let me know if I’m not) so I’m going to show you what’s hot this prom season and how hot you’re gonna look too, gorgeous!


1. Open Back 

 These are my personal favorite! After hitting the gym hard and getting a tan on, these are super killer to show off that bod in a classy way. There are strappy backs, low-cut/plunge backs, I just love them all.

Obsessed with this Sherri Hill one btw - 



2. Two Pieces


So I wanna say two pieces became a thing within the past, 2-3 years? Either way, I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. Prom GAME CHANGER. I constantly see people wearing these, and rockin’ it by the way, and it makes me super happy to see everyone so confident with their bodies! YOU ALL LOOK PERFECT. There are tons of two pieces offered, but I think what’s mainly "in" is the slimming fit rather than the puffy-princess-esque style. You know what I mean?



3. Off Shoulder


Off Shoulder is making quite the comeback in everyone’s wardrobes! First crop tops, now gowns? I’m liking it. These dresses give off a Marilyn Monroe/Hollywood glam vibe and make a simple yet stunning statement. Best part? Looks ah-mazing with any print or color. Polka-dots? Gorgeous. Rose-gold? LOVE it.


All gowns included in this blog post are personal opinions and Chic Boutique Consignments is in no way affiliated with these companies whatsoever! If you think you have some dresses like these from your Prom days, bring ‘em in to earn some cash, we’d love to take a look! What’s your fave Prom style? We want to hear back from you, gorgeous. Remember to stay warm and safe, and we’ll see you when we open back up!